About Me

I’m Aviva Williams, a Certified Massage Therapist (CA #18902), as well as a mom, electrical engineer, trail runner, and Savate silver glove (that’s French kickboxing).

I did my primary training at the National Holistic Institute and since then have continued my education with several specialized sports massage courses. I’m currently studying Orthopedic Assessment through the Academy of Clinical Massage.  A proper assessment is the key to determining what work will be most beneficial for you, the client.

My philosophy is that massage is like a tune-up for athletes: by releasing the tight muscles, and addressing postural imbalances and muscle weaknesses, your body will stay in peak performance for your favorite activity. If you’re not an athlete, you still use your body every single day and your muscles “remember” all that wear. Massage helps to reset things. Besides, it feels great.