I’m Aviva Williams and have been practicing massage therapy for 10+ years. I got in to massage as a runner, when I discovered how a good sports massage could “reset” my legs.

My interests have since expanded in many directions. I worked in a spa in a hotel in Little Tokyo providing Swedish and Shiatsu massage to visitors and locals. As I became a mother, I learned the benefits of pre- and post-natal massage. I continue to take advanced courses in sports massage, orthopedic assessment, and massage to treat headaches (I suffer from them myself). My toolbox grows along with my knowledge.

All this is to say, whether you are looking for a massage before your next ultramarathon, to address pain you may be experiencing, or purely for relaxation and stress relief– I can help.

I will listen to you, assess your body, and target each massage session to what your body needs that day.

Contact me through my Contact Me page or by phone/text, . I am based in Burbank and serve the Los Angeles area.